WOOT - WooCommerce Products Table

Allow customers a way to show a list of their ordered products

Concerns the question of how to display products with a custom selection.

WOOT is flexible plugin, and if something is not obvious it is possible to resolve using hook 'woot_filter_provider_'. In this current article is described: "allow customers a way to order by showing them a list of their ordered products, sorted by their popularity (number of times they were ordered by that customer)".

  • open file functions.php of the current WordPress theme (better use child theme)
  • place there next code:
  • on the page or place where you want to display current user boughed products use next shortcode: [woot  filter_provider="ordered_by_customer" order_by='popularity'] - where filter provider is arbitrary string and it is part of the custom hook  'woot_filter_provider_ordered_by_customer'


By such logic site admin can create special functionality for himself, for example special page where to see products of any user by its user ID.


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