Update v.2.0.3/v.1.0.3

Small fixes Added new mode: json. Mode ‘json’ not get posts by ajax and display on the page completely cached table exactly after page loading. As ‘json’ mode uses on the backend, on the front with this mode should be applied shortcode attribute is_front=1. Example: [woot id=30 mode=’json’ is_front=1] New hook: woot_vurgc_shortcode_data for manipulation of the… read more

Update v.2.0.2/v.1.0.2

minor bug fixes added hook woot_disable_all_links_on_titles – global disabling link on product title

added hook woot_disable_all_links_on_thumbs – global disabling link on product thumbnail

new option for column ‘Thumbnail’: Link – If enabled thumbnail will be displayed without link to the single product new attribute for shortcode [woot]: disable_link_on_thumb – disabling/enabling link on product… read more