Hook for manipulation of the data for such shortcodes data as: [woot_variations], [woot_upsells], [woot_cross_sells], [woot_grouped], [woot_related]. Very handy if necessary change for example per_page value in popup for variations:

VURGC – Variations, Upsells, Related, Grouped, Cross sells From v.2.0.3/1.0.3   Post Views: 0


Global disabling link on product thumbnail.

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Global disabling link on product title.

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This hook filter all arguments of shortcode [woot], and allows to manipulate with them on the fly.   Post Views: 0


For column ‘Quantity’, if content of the product sells individually. For example you can set there link where user can read your shop conditions to explain customer why you selling this product individually. Code example:

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This hooks allows to make compatible a woocommerce filters plugins with WOOT. Lets review filter adaptation for WOOF (as an example): into the file functions.php of the current wordpress theme add next code:

After this WOOT will be listening query arguments from WOOF As you can see main thing there is define array $args… read more


This is for thumbnail column and allows to replace default empty thumbnail image

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This hook allows to add custom “Add to Cart” button for custom products types, see file \profiles\woocommerce\views\add_to_cart.php Post Views: 0


By this hook it is possible to change text for “Load More” button. Also it is possible by: WOOT_Vocabulary::get($word)   Post Views: 0