WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

How to modificate cell output of any column by its key

If you need to modificate output of any woocommerce field predefined in WOOT you can use next code:

add_action('woot_profile_extend', function($profile, $action_name) {

    if ($action_name === 'woot_woocommerce_tables') {
        $profile['on_sale']['action'] = function($post_id) {
            $product = WOOT_WooCommerce::get_product($post_id);
            if (is_object($product)) {
                return $product->is_on_sale() ? "<span class='your-class-here'>Yes</span>" : "<span class='your-class-here'>No</span>";

    return $profile;
}, 10, 2);

In the example you can see output modification of the column ‘on_sale‘.