WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

Update v.2.0.3/v.1.0.3

  • Small fixes
  • Added new mode: json. Mode ‘json‘ not get posts by ajax and display on the page completely cached table exactly after page loading. As ‘json‘ mode uses on the backend, on the front with this mode should be applied shortcode attributeĀ is_front=1. Example: [woot id=30 mode=’json’ is_front=1]
  • New hook: woot_vurgc_shortcode_data for manipulation of the data for such shortcodes data as: [woot_variations], [woot_upsells], [woot_related], [woot_grouped], [woot_cross_sells]. Very handy if necessary change for example per_page value in popup for variations:
    add_filter('woot_vurgc_shortcode_data', function($args) {
        if ($args['filter_provider'] === 'woot_variations') {
            $args['per_page'] = 2;
        return $args;

    VURGCVariations, Upsells, Related, Grouped, Cross sells

  • To ext favourites shortcode added attribute ‘cells_width