WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables


All options related to the current table can be found here.

  • Per page default: how many products per page display in the table by default. Example: 10
  • Per page values: values displayed in the per-page drop-down. Example: 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100
  • Pagination position: set none to hide pagination.
  • Per page drop-down position: set none to hide drop-down
  • Default order by: how to order products after table initialization
  • Default order: products order direction
  • Use flying header: flying header while table scrolling. Disabled in the compact view mode on the mobile devices
  • Show print button: show print button to print table current page
  • Show search by title: show search by title textinput
  • Min symbols count: minimum symbols for search by title when search is possible
  • Search by title placeholder: text of placeholder for the search by title input
  • Hide filter form: hide filter form, and show it by button click. Useful if the filter form is quite big
  • Disable filter form: switch off filter form
  • Use load more button: use load more button instead of pagination. If it is activated, pagination and per-page drop-down will be hidden
  • Post statuses: use some post statuses on the same time or select one. Publish status is by default.
  • Disable columns order-by: disable columns data ordering on the site front in the columns where it is possible
  • Compact view width: for small mobile devices. Here you can set window width less of which the table will be displayed in compact mode. Example: 500. To disable this behaviour set -1
  • Table custom HTML ID: attach to table constant html id which you can use for targeted CSS customizations. Remember that ID should be unique! If you not understand it – leave this field empty.
  • Display cell info: display cell info on its mouse hover
  • Show Sorting Dropdown: displays Sorting Dropdown list
  • Sorting Dropdown Fields: fields which you want to see in Sorting Dropdown fields. Press and wait to reorder.
  • Show shop cart: displays cart as button with information, on click popup with selected products appears
  • Cart/Sorting positions: on which side should be shop cart: be left or right. Sorting Dropdown will take opposite position.
  • After to cart adding: action after clicking on button Add to cart
  • Hide added to cart products: do not display in the table products, which are in the cart