WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

WooCommerce products tables makes focus for your buyers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous, just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered! Convenience of choice in your shop products for your customers, means benefits for your business. WOOT - focused and constructive way to sell online!

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WOOT allows to use for each table its own skin


WOOT allows to create products tables using special constructor


WOOT allows to create AJAX filter form for each product table

What for this plugin is?

WooCommerce Active Products Tables - WOOT - (free version name is ACTIVE) WooCommerce plugin for displaying shop products in table format. Woo Products Tables makes focus for your buyers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous, just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered!

You are as the shop owner can increase your business site benefits by providing to your customers structured information through responsive, beautiful products and highly featured active tables. Shoes, cars parts, electronic goods, food, media content, digital content, tableware,wine, external-referral products, etc. - all this can be presented to the customers in more structured and focused way. Behind the scene site admin has great and power functionality with a lot of flexibilities.

WOOT has its own API which allows to extend the plugin functionality, for example add custom columns. Using products tables on your WooCommerce shop site increases conversion!

ATTENTION: For WordPress posts use TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable

The plugin can give you the next tools:

  • Columns constructor
  • Powerful products filter constructor
  • Possibility to create custom columns
  • Skins for each table
  • Works with custom taxonomies and meta fields
  • Many possible tricks with the products tables!
  • 25 ways of the products sorting
  • Column "Gallery"
  • Shortcodes: [woot_reviews], [woot_cart]
  • Shortcodes: [woot_cross_sells], [woot_upsells], [woot_variations], [woot_related]
  • Responsivity
  • Extensions
  • no jQuery - 100% pure JavaScript
  • API

The Plugin Features

Architecture based on extensions!

The plugin has in-built API which allows wide its functionality by internal extensions. Such possibility will be interesting for PHP developers, that who want to implement their own ideas and use it or/and distribute them.

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Create new product table by one click


Set columns and options according your business logic


Paste shortcode [woot id=23] on a shop page

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Start working with "WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables" free version, it will provide you with the reliable business tool for your WooCommerce shop

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How this plugin can be useful for your business?

Start working with "WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables", it can provide your shop customers more attractive and clear products representation - the easiest way to make shop profit higher.


Present products in a structured way


Don't limit your store to monotony


Use as predefined columns, and your own custom ones


Complexity wrapped in ease of use


Shortcodes diversity gives you wide the set of tools

No fee

No any additional fee, pay 1 time for full functionality


Power API for manipulating by product tables of your shop


Be more clear for customers and get more profit for the business

What Our Clients Said About WOOT plugin

"WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables" s the big helper for the businesses, and clients are happy with its functionality

This product has great flexibility, but most importantly, the author provides great customer support and customizations. I have bought many of his products and they are amongst the best wordpress plugins !

Fantastic plugin, I have been looking for such one for a long time, thank you for your strong work!

This plugin supports Grouped Products very easily compared to a very popular $100 plugin that does not.

Very sturdy. Thank you!

Wow! What I was looking for. Amazing plugin.

Fantastic features! This plugin is so innovative like Tesla electric car in its market 🙂 Will use this one in all my woocommerce projects!

WOOT achievements

"WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables" actively uses on WordPress business sites

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