WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

Is it possible to create custom button with custom functionality?

Yes. It is possible to add your own custom functionality and use it as shortcode.

Example: (add next code to file functions.php)

add_shortcode('woot_custom_button', function() {
    return WOOT_HELPER::draw_html_item('a', array(
                'href' => 'javascript: woot_helper.call_popup("call_action_custom1",{a:1,b:2,c:"hello",not_paste:1},"asd","Hello World 2020!!"); void(0);',
                'title' => '',
                'class' => 'woot-btn'
                    ), 'click on this button');

add_action('call_action_custom1', function($args, $call_id) {
    return "It is custom action in functions.php";
}, 10, 2);

Results: button, on click shows popup with data