WOOT - WooCommerce Products Table


The shortcode is the part of the extension "Attachments". This shortcode generates button with popup window on click where attachments of a product represented.


  • id: product ID
  • button_title: button title. Hint: type '%s' to display product title string
  • popup_title: title in the popup header.¬†Hint: type '%s' to display product title string
  • help_title: text of the link on the popup header from the right
  • help_link: link in popup header from the right
  • skin: skin for the table, read more about skins¬†here
  • group: files group number

Example: [woot_attachments_btn id=489 skin='skin-1' button_title='See files of: %s' popup_title='Files of the product: %s' help_title='Contact us if any questions' group=2 help_link='__LINK_HERE__']

Demo: https://demo.products-tables.com/woot_attachments_btn/


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