WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

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This shortcode displays button, on click woo product table in popup appears. See the demo.


  • [woot_table_button id=13074 title=”Red shoes” popup_title=”This season shoes”]
  • [woot_button class=’woot-btn’ title=’super hot products’ popup_title=’Buy today and get discount 50%’ columns=’id,title,add_to_cart’ cells_width=’1,100%,1′]


  • class: CSS class of the link, you can set button class of the current WordPress theme
  • title: text of the link
  • popup_title: text on the popup header
  • help_title: text of the link on the popup header from the right
  • help_link: link in popup header
  • all attributes described in shortcode [woot]