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Shortcode is the part of the extension "Favourites" - allows to the shop customers collect products.


  • per_page: products per page
  • per_page_position: pagination position
    • t - top
    • b - bottom
    • tb - tot and bottom
    • none - do not show this drop-down
  • compact_view_width: browser window width(px) when Favourites products table should turn on compact mode. By default 600.
  • share: set link of page as value, where shortcode placed, and logged-in user will be able to copy/paste their favourites products share link
  • skin: skin for the table, read more about skins here

All columns for [woot_favourites] can be set in the tab "Settings"

Also readHow to insert shortcodes into the single product page

This shortcode is also represented in the table cell as Heart.