WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables


This shortcode generates button, on click show popup with extended information about the woo product.

  • id: product ID,also can be defined automatically if shortcode is on the product single page
  • button_text: link text, for example: ‘Extended information
  • columns: (optional) set table columns. Example: [woot_single_btn columns=’id,thumbnail,title,price,sku,gallery,add_to_cart’]. All possible columns keys you can get on the plugin admin page-> tab Settings -> button “All possible columns keys” on the settings table bottom.
  • css_class: CSS class of the link
  • help_title: text of the link on the popup header from the right
  • help_link: link in popup header
  • skin: skin for the table, read more about skins here

Demo page: https://demo.products-tables.com/product/single-product-example/

Demo shortcode: https://demo.products-tables.com/woot_single_btn/

Also read: How to insert shortcodes into the single product page