WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

Introduction – after WOOT installation you can do next

What to do after the plugin installation and how to play with it to understand what features combination will bring your shop maximum benefits?!

Examples of actions:

  • The simplest option is to place shortcode [woot] on any page, all products of the site will be displayed
  • More advanced is to create new table on WOOT admin page (wp-admin/admin.php?page=woot) and set there columns, filters, predefinition (what products to display by attributes and etc.). Also you can set skin. Place such shortcode [woot id=1] into new created page which will be products catalog with link on main menu.

  • You can place search input above the products on page ‘Shop‘ of the site:
    • create new table on WOOT admin page page (wp-admin/admin.php?page=woot)
    • open file functions.php of your current wordpress theme and place there next code
      add_filter('woocommerce_before_shop_loop', function() {
          echo do_shortcode('[woot_drop_down id=4]');
          echo '<br />';
    • save file functions.php and see results
    • on the table settings set options you want

On the product single page you can add different tables and buttons:

  • compare button in the product description (on click is popup)
  • The table with the product variations:
  • Set heart of favourites products
  • contact form in popup to contact with the product manager
  • extended information about the product in the table in popup window by shortcode [woot_single_btn]
  • gallery by shortcode [woot_gallery]
  • in tabs set tables of: reviews, upsell products, cross sell products, related products, grouped products, variations, product attachments
  • Read also: How to insert shortcodes into the single product page

You can insert WOOT link into your site main menu and show in popup products table with the hottest products, see the demoHottest Products‘ on the menu.

You can create new page and use it as catalog of your products OR as catalog of products of your partners (according to refferal program, external products): https://demo.products-tables.com/audio-referrals/

You can create new table, set its settings, and start spreading your shop products on another sites without any plugin installation – even on simple HTML templates: https://inbuilt.products-tables.com/. Remote content allows to distribute your products on any sites, and also redistribute loading on your servers as you can share products from your different sites and servers! Read here about how to realize such one scenario.

You can paste into articles tables of products which are packed into tabs: https://demo.products-tables.com/custom-set-of-the-tables/read here how.

Using shortcode [woot_compare_btn] you can place into the articles more advanced information about your shop products, what leads to make clarification about the products for your site users, and increases sales opportunities.

If on your site using multivendor plugin, you can use tables shortcode with attribute ‘author’ [woot author=23] to display a vendor products on the special pages.

You can place shortcode [woot_single_btn] into the single product content to make focus of the customer on the products features.